Does My Truck Insurance Also Cover My Trailer?

10 Jul, 2023


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Truckers know that they need to get insurance on their trucks, but there are many other types of insurance coverages that can be incredibly beneficial to truck drivers around the country. With many options available, sifting through them and determining which types of coverage are required, which are beneficial, and which are needed, can be confusing. Most companies in the commercial trucking industry, as well as freight companies that ship product, are in need of multiple types of coverages.

Types of insurance coverages they may need are designed to cover cargo, trucks, trailers, and even the businesses themselves. When it comes to insurance to cover for trailers, there are multiple different types of coverages that are available to you. Knowing the differences between these coverages, as well as the insurance requirements for trailers, is vital for companies.

Insurance Requirements For Different Trailers

Many states require that a person has trailer insurance if they are hauling cargo or driving a vehicle that has one. Other states do not require this type of insurance, but either way, it is a good idea to look into and often a smart idea to get insurance regardless. If your trailer is valuable, damage to it and by it can add up to large expenses. Protect your trailer from liability, vandalism, and theft, with an insurance plan that meets your needs.

Take the time to reach out to your local DMV to get the most accurate and latest information on requirements for different types of trailers. There are insurance policies for truckers, as well as automobiles, that are going to have trailers towed behind them. Depending on your specific situation, the prices for policies can vary, as can the requirements.

What Does Your Auto Insurance Cover?

A person’s automobile insurance plan does not often automatically cover trailers, something to keep in mind if you’re planning on doing things behind your vehicle. The top strategy to find trailer coverage is by doing research and investing in time to comparison shop. With multiple companies offering trailer insurance coverage services, you can find the best prices for trailer insurance by shopping around. If you are unsure of whether or not your automobile insurance plan will cover things being towed behind your vehicle, reach out to them and get more information.

In terms of trailer insurance specifically, make sure to ask questions of potential companies you are considering. Talk to your truck insurance agent about whether or not the insurance you are looking at purchasing covers against water damage, as an example.

Types of Trailers Covered By Your Auto Insurance

There are many different types of trailers that can be covered by insurance, and your automobile insurance policy may cover some of them. In order for this to be the case, most insurance providers will require that the trailer you are using is listed on the declarations page of your automobile insurance plan. Coverage can also vary depending on which state you are living in, with some states having different requirements than others.

Take the time to get all of the necessary information if you’re planning on towing a trailer behind your vehicle. Agents can help answer questions, and for people who are getting free insurance quotes online, make sure to read the entire policy or call the appropriate number to talk to someone in person. In many cases, trailers being towed by cars will need their own comprehensive or collision coverage in order to keep their owners financially protected.

What Trailers Aren’t Covered

The types of trailers that are not covered under an insurance policy depend on the types of insurance that truck drivers get. While your trailers may be covered by your own insurance policy, it is important to note that normal trailer insurance does not often cover damages sustained while drivers who do not work for your company are hauling your trailers. This is one situation where it is not the specific trailer that is at issue, but it is the person driving the truck. There are situations where a non-company driver could be responsible for hauling your trailers.

There is a special type of insurance to cover this specific situation. It is not uncommon for companies to swap, or interchange, different trailers between them. When trailers are being swapped between multiple trucking companies, and your normal trailer insurance does not cover this, trailer interchange insurance is available. This insurance coverage will help cover damages that are sustained while noncompany drivers are hauling your company’s trailers.

Interchange trailer insurance can be an essential part of increasing efficiency and saving money as a truck driver. Companies work together and finish routes for one another in some cases to help increase efficiency, and this means there is a need for trailer interchange insurance in the trucking industry. If this is something that applies to you, make sure to get the proper insurance coverage to suit your needs.

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