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10 Jul, 2023


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Many people have fears and concerns of being stranded out on the highway in the middle of the night, running out of gas while going to their favorite vacation spot, or getting a flat tire on a backcountry road. For people who are stranded, there are assistance plans companies offer that have services to help in numerous situations.

These situations include things like providing assistance changing a flat tire, jumpstarting a dead car battery, or towing your automobile to the repair shop. Some assistance plans offer even more benefits than this, so knowing not only what a roadside assistance plan is, but what the ones you are interested in are offering can be valuable. Read on to find roadside assistance information to help you select a plan that suits your needs the best.

What Is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance is a policy that people buy to provide help in a variety of situations drivers can come across when on the open road. No matter whether you are at your home, driving on a road or highway, in a parking lot, or anywhere else, wherever your vehicle is roadside assistance can assist with an array of services.

The services that are provided with a roadside service plan include tire repairs, fixing a dead battery, or getting your vehicle to a repair shop if an accident or other emergency occurs. There are many of these programs that can help no matter where you are in the country, though some of them do have restrictions. Make sure to read your policy to see what you are covered for and what you are not. Getting this auto coverage is easy to do and proves very valuable for millions of Americans each year.

How Do I Get Roadside Assistance?

Getting roadside assistance starts by looking at providers and comparing what they offer. With numerous auto insurance companies providing add-ons to insurance policies, taking a look at insurance company plans is a good place to start. Also, you can look into third-party policies if you are interested in better pricing or different features.

The easiest way to get plans of these types is to add them to your current auto insurance policy. Many companies provide online apps that allow you to modify your policy via your cell phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Laptops can also be used in these cases, providing an immense amount of convenience for car insurance policyholders. Some people do prefer to call their insurance company on the phone to make policy changes, which is also available for the majority of auto insurance providers.

Another convenient way to get a plan is to purchase a roadside assistance membership on your own. Purchasing a policy from a party that is unaffiliated to your insurance service can provide multiple benefits. These include things like additional features, better rates, better customer service, and more. Keep in mind that not all third-party roadside memberships are cheaper or more convenient than the one provided by your automobile insurance provider, so research is necessary. The tools are here at 24 Hours Towing to help you get the best rates.

What Does Roadside Assistance Cover?

Roadside assistance coverage provides assistance to people who run into a plethora of common unfortunate incidents and situations on the road. A roadside assistance company can provide everything from towing after an accident to help to get into your vehicle if you have locked your keys inside.

There are many different options available to people who are looking for this type of protection, and even companies that provide these services have different policy options. Each option available has not only different features and prices, but also different benefit limits. Roadside protection coverage is often extremely convenient, with a simple toll-free number that policyholders can call to get assistance. In most cases, drivers will need their insurance numbers in order to get a truck sent, so make sure to carry your card on you whenever you are driving or and automobile.

When Can I Use Roadside Assistance?

Most drivers assistance programs can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Having access to this help is essential, whether your car has had a mechanical breakdown or cannot be moved for any other reason, whether you are locked out of your vehicle, if you run out of gas, or if you need assistance changing a flat tire, among other things.

Each roadside assistance policy has limits to it, and as long as you are within those limits, you will be able to use the help offered. Sometimes, these plans provide assistance a few times before the plan will need to be upgraded to another one. Others have restrictions in terms of locations, so if you are planning a trip to a neighboring country like Canada, you may want to check and see if your roadside assistance will work there. Either way, your assistance provider may be able to help you connect with a towing company to assist you, even if you are in Canada or Mexico.

Being able to get help if you have a dead battery, a flat tire, an empty gas tank, or you have locked her keys in your car, is a significant convenience and one that many people wished they had the first time they got into any of these types of situations. Most plans offer an annual membership that you can use throughout the year, so if your plan expires you may be out of luck if you do not renew it. There are also pay per use roadside assistance plans, where you pay a fee each time you request assistance.

How Much Does Roadside Assistance Cost?

Fortunately for people who are looking for protection, roadside assistance fees have a wide range. Depending on your needs and which policy type you select, you will be looking to pay between $25 a year and $200 a year. The more expensive plans often cover all of the vehicles in a household, as well as higher benefit limits. Basic roadside assistance plans being added to an auto insurance policy tend to be the least expensive of the options.

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