How to Become Roadside Assistance Provider

10 Jul, 2023


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Many people get their car towed every year, and there are many providers that are available to do the job. Even so, it can be a lucrative business, and people around the country are interested in knowing more about how to become the roadside assistance provider. Of course, doing the right research will help you have the smoothest transition from what you are doing now to being a roadside assistance service.

Before going over the steps on how to get involved in this industry, it is important to know that this job, like many others, has its pros and cons. You will be dealing with customers who have just potentially suffered life changing experiences, are upset and stressed, but are ultimately often thankful for the services that you provide. In addition to towing vehicles, roadside assistance includes many other elements.

Many top roadside assistance providers help not only with towing, but also in people get a flat tire, need fuel delivered, need their car jumpstarted, and numerous other situations as well. Being prepared to provide fantastic customer service, efficient towing, and having all of the equipment you need are all things to add to your checklist. Here are more:

Step 1

The first step to becoming a roadside service provider is to double-check and make sure that it is something you want to do. Read the entirety of this article and see how involved this job can be. Learn about what the requirements for positions like these are, including the pros and cons.

Becoming a provider for towing is essentially starting your own business, which involves not only driving around and helping people in need, but also paperwork, finances, and other business concepts as well. Some people do choose to hire help as soon as they are able to, something else to keep in mind.

When considering whether you want to be a tow truck driver, consider what makes this job unique from others. Without having multiple drivers under you, you will have to decide when you would like to work and how accessible you would like to be. People like to know that when they call a company that someone will pick up the phone and guide them through what they need to do. Calls can come at any time, so having a list of hours is a fantastic plan.

While there can be flexibility as a towing provider, there are also some hours that are better for making money than others, for some people. People in need of jump starts, automobile towing, flat tire repair, and other services that you will be providing are always around, but connecting with them can take some marketing or contract work.

Step 2

Getting your name out there is massively important when it comes to being a roadside assistance service provider. Advertising in the yellow pages, the white pages, and numerous other places is one way to get your name out there. Also, working with automobile repair shops can also help you gain business. Lastly, there are many people who choose to become a towing contractor.

Many automobile insurance companies, including AAA, have roadside assistance programs that get sold with their insurance policies. If you meet the requirements for becoming a contractor with one of these companies, they can point a lot of business your way. To become a contractor, you will need to follow the appropriate steps to meet each company’s requirements.

The first step in this process is making sure that you have the necessary permits in order to provide automobile towing in your city, county, and state. After that, take some time to apply to contractor networks. You will need towing insurance in order to tow legally, so make sure that that is up to date as well.

Make sure that you have the proper licensing, and if you are hiring other drivers, make sure that they do as well. With some insurance companies and roadside assistance providers, you will be able to go in to fill out an application online. Others, however, operate in different ways. Check with the providers you are interested in to see what kind of steps need to be taken to apply.

After you have done these things, you will likely be subject to an inspection of both your vehicles and your building. In some cases, criminal background checks will be required. In most cases, you will hear back from the insurance company or roadside assistance group within a few weeks.

Step 3

Running a successful towing company is the next step in the process. Once you have met all of the requirements for automobile insurance providers, you will want to do the other parts of the business management. This includes establishing a logo, checking your phone and e-mail for business opportunities often, keeping your facility open as many hours as you can, providing excellent customer service, and more. Expand your business as soon as possible to include gas delivery, tire changes, battery service, and other services. The more services you can provide, the more likely your services will be used.

You will also want to consider whether you want to become a contracted roadside assistance provider. This means that you will be doing less marketing, but it also means that you will be paid below-market rates for your services. Due to roadside assistance providers paying tow truck drivers less than what a customer would pay had they made the call directly to you; you may want to consider how much time you want to put into marketing, which is the biggest difference, so that you can get your money back as quickly as possible.

Step 4

Remember to get good equipment, and if possible, hire drivers that can help you keep your business open 24/7. Decide whether you want to be a contracted assistance provider or not, and be prepared to put the time in to make a successful business. There are many benefits to being a business owner, and many folks explore them.


We know you are willing to complete the four steps to become a roadside assistance provider. However, if you get the job you are supposed to do your best. It is not just about helping people with their day-to-day accidents, but also about:

  • Create value: For you as an individual, for the association / insurance or for your company. Be a strategist, look for new clients and at the same time try to keep old clients, be authentic ... that is what creating value is all about.
  • Find: You must find what other roadside assistance providers do not do; that will make you the best roadside assistance provider.
  • Get ready to go a step further; you can surely be a predator in the food chain.

With these steps and tips, you are ready to be one of the best roadside assistance providers. Do not wait any longer, go for what you want!

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