How To Start A Roadside Assistance Business

10 Jul, 2023


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Opening a roadside assistance business is more than just about owning a truck and driving out to help people. There are many tips that are available here to get you off to a smooth start if this type of business is something that you are considering or know that you want to do. Whether or not you are looking to start a roadside assistance company from scratch, or are looking to add on to roadside assistance to a business that you already own, here are some important steps to consider.

There are many companies that provide roadside assistance as an add-on to their auto insurance plans, as well as other business offerings that companies have. What separates these types of plans from one another is both customer service and contracting. Most companies choose to contract with insurance companies and other businesses so that jobs get pointed their direction. Even though companies that do this will pay you less money as a service provider, you can get more business overall in return.

Step 1

The first step is making sure that you want to put in the work of starting a business. The business itself is all about helping people, but it is also marketing, customer service, finance, and more. People can hire others to help them with their taxes and some of the business administration elements of things, but getting the business started up does take some work. There are a large number of people who start businesses, and they can be lucrative when done well.

Step 2

Take a look at the capital that is needed to start a roadside assistance business. In addition to needing at least one tow truck, you will also need tools, equipment, time, and knowledge. Getting all of these things does cost money in some cases. Regardless of whether you are starting a roadside company for assistance from the start or adding it on to other business offerings as an additional service, the requirements are the same.

Step 3

It is important for people to research the things that go on behind the scenes as well. For people who hire other drivers, they will need to learn about how to manage taxes, whether or not to provide health insurance, and there are many other variables involved with having a staff. In addition, insurance on the trucks and drivers you have is essential. Taking the time to put together a business plan can be a significant help in getting you off to a good start.

Step 4

Of course, while it is possible to market roadside assistance to consumers in a direct manner, using a wide array of resources, it takes time. Marketing options can include things like the Yellow Pages, White Pages, local magazines, Internet advertising, and more. Make sure to get your business listed in search engines, and that the information posted is accurate when it comes to the hours of operation and contact phone numbers. Upgrading a streamlined way for people to get in touch with you is vital.

Another option that people utilize is contracting out to other companies. When insurance providers offer roadside assistance, they most often connect with companies around the country, which they then purchase the services from at a discounted rate. These companies pay less than consumers would directly, but they also send business your way.

Some people do a combination of both of these things, so keep in mind that you are not limited to one or the other.

Step 5

Make sure that both you and your drivers have the required driver’s license needed to tow in the states that you operate in. This is essential and can help prevent you from legal liability when combined with an adequate insurance policy. Decreasing liability is an important part of being successful when starting this type of business.

Doing this also includes getting the right types of equipment for the job. Getting low rated equipment that does not do the job well can result in bad reviews, liability, and more. Making sure both you and your drivers have the proper knowledge to deal with a wide range of vehicle types is also vital. Roadside assistance providers often get called to do jobs that involve many different types of vehicles.

Step 6

Also, people who are looking for roadside assistance are not only looking for towing. Many of them are in need of jumpstart for their vehicle, gas for their empty tank, access to their vehicle, and more. Being able to provide these additional services can bring you more clients, which can lead to more money. No matter if you are starting a new business or adding to an already existing one, early expansion into these additional services can prove to be beneficial. Making sure that you are ready to bring first-rate service to your clients will not only bring you more business, but it is the right thing to do.

Step 7

Keep in mind the road to being a successful new roadside assistance business takes time and effort. Each company has different processes for becoming approved, and researching these is essential. By providing the highest quality roadside assistance, however, you cannot only help people who are often stressed by their situation, but you can also make some money in the process.

Final Notes

Use the information here to provide the best roadside assistance services and become a top roadside assistance company out there. Take the time to do your research, and when you are ready to make the jump into adding this to your business, keep in mind that 24 Hours Towing is here for the assist.

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