Does Car Insurance Cover Towing?

10 Jul, 2023


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People are often curious about whether or not their automobile insurance plan offers roadside assistance with their policies. The easy way to find this out is by contacting the individual companies you are curious about, or utilizing the free quote tools that are available. When you are getting your quote for automobile insurance, check to see on your policy page if roadside assistance is included. If it is, you will want to do further research to determine what is covered.

What’s Included In Towing Services With Car Insurance?

In most cases, towing is not the only thing that is included with automobile insurance roadside assistance policies. Most companies also offer a plethora of other types of assistance with their roadside assistance packages. These can include bringing gas for an empty gas tank, jumpstarting vehicles, and more. Due to each automobile insurance company providing different services, research is essential.

When Can I Use Roadside Assistance Services?

In the vast variety of cases, assistance programs are available 24/7. People can get into accidents at any time, day or night, and services are aware of this. Whether you are on a backcountry road, a busy highway, in a parking lot, or any other location that breakdowns, accidents, or other emergency situations can occur, these providers can bring help.

Of course, you need to have an active and valid roadside plan in order to reap the benefits. Many people choose to remove this type of insurance, even if it is automatically checked off on their insurance plan. This can lead to frustration when an emergency situation ends up bringing large costs for getting into your car, having somebody come with gas, or when your vehicle needing to be towed turns out to be more expensive than you think.

Costs for towing vehicles for people who do not have this type of coverage can get pretty pricey depending on the area. Roadside assistance coverage does not often cost a lot of money, with many plans able to be added to insurance policies for as low as $25. Rates for these types of policies go up from there and include different limits for assistance. The number of times someone can utilize the services in a program are limited. Some companies allow people to purchase additional roadside assistance coverage if they have depleted the initial round of coverage they bought.

How Much Will Roadside Assistance Cost?

Roadside assistance insurance can come at a variety of price points, with different insurance plan premiums having different benefits. The lower-cost coverage plans offer basic roadside assistance, but there are more advanced plans that are also available. The more advanced plans offer more circumstances of assistance, and in some cases, wider coverage.

One of the bigger questions is how much not having a roadside assistance plan could cost. For people who have been in accidents and are in need of roadside assistance as towing, people who have locked their keys in their vehicle, among other situations, there are many cases where these expenses can be quite costly.

Perhaps the most common use of roadside assistance in terms of towing is when a vehicle breaks down. Many things can go wrong on a car that it would need to be towed to an automobile repair shop in order to fix it. Roadside assistance provides not only convenience but also money-saving opportunities as well.

Towing Coverage

When it is added to an insurance policy, roadside assistance programs are sometimes called towing coverage. Towing coverage is often less expensive than solo roadside assistance plans due to the companies offering them having not only special deals with assistance providers but also due to them having other types of insurance also being paid for by their clients.

Still, each company has different ratings in terms of roadside assistance, brings different customer service credentials to the table, and so research needs to be done to find the best roadside assistance plans in your area and for your situation.

After A Car Accident

After a car crash, if your vehicle is not able to be moved the first thing that you should do is call 911. Make sure the other people involved are okay and make a call to your roadside assistance provider straightaway. In some cases, when breakdowns occur, people can get tickets for their vehicle being in a dangerous location, particularly if it is a possible risk to other people’s vehicles and lives. By calling the towing company right away, you can let the police know that you have a plan for moving your vehicle. Automobile accidents can be extremely stressful, so having a good company to support you is essential.

Other Types Of Towing Coverage

There are a variety of different types of towing coverages, including boat towing, tractor towing, big rig towing, and numerous others. If you have a vehicle that could potentially need towing, there are insurance plans that are available to assist. Some are more expensive than others, so it is important to shop around to get the best rates.


Take the time to get multiple quotes from different companies to compare premiums. Remember that there are many different types of policies, including not only basic and more premium plans, but also plans that cover the cost of towing boats and other types of vehicles.

Does Car Insurance Cover Towing Costs If I Lock My Keys In My Car?

In the majority of cases, automobile insurance covers the cost of getting your keys out of your vehicle. Many companies provide towing for your vehicle regardless of the situation, though as a potential customer, you should read through your policy for the specific details of each covered situation.

Does Car Insurance Cover Towing Costs If I Run Out Of Gas?

Towing coverage often does not need to move your vehicle if you run out of gas. In most cases, someone will bring you gas so that you can get to the nearest gas station and fill up your tank. If your vehicle needs to be towed due to running out of gas, most insurance providers and assistance companies will tow your vehicle for you.

Does Car Insurance Cover Towing Costs If I’ve Been Drinking And Don’t Want To Drive?

While this is not an intended use for roadside assistance, it is becoming more popular across the country in an effort for companies to save lives. The roadside assistance companies still get paid by the insurance companies, or the people calling about roadside assistance, who are in most cases happy to assist.

Does Car Insurance Cover Towing If My Car Is Towed By The Wrong Towing Company?

If the wrong company tows your car, you may need to locate where it is and determine where you would like it to be moved to. In many cases, car insurance will cover towing if your vehicle is towed by the wrong company. Make sure to read the terms in your insurance policy to get the full details on whether or not your specific insurance company provides this service.

Does Car Insurance Cover Towing Costs If My Car Is Stolen And Vandalized?

When your vehicle is found, your car insurance company will have your vehicle towed. Keep in mind, however, that many roadside assistance plans only cover the cost of towing vehicles a certain distance. If your vehicle needs to be towed further than this distance, you may incur additional charges. Many people choose to have their vehicle taken to the nearest repair shop, rather than to their homes, because of this.

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