2019 Toyota Sienna Towing Capacity

10 Jul, 2023


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There are many different reasons that people purchase trucks, and for many, the towing capacity is a major part of the decision. There are benefits to having other types of vehicles, however, and in terms of carrying capacity, towing capacity, and payload capacity, many people will consider the 2019 Toyota Sienna. When it has the proper equipment, this popular minivan can be fantastic for towing. To find out whether or not this minivan will suit your needs, including your towing needs, read on.

It should also be noted that there are many positive reviews for the 2019 Sienna. Some configuration will be needed in order for this vehicle to tow, including the need to obtain a Towing Prep Package. This package allows the minivan to tow, and adds an engine oil cooler, a heavy-duty radiator, and a fan, among other things. By making the vehicle stronger using these items and others, you will be ready to pull longer distances in the right circumstances. The vehicle, when configured properly, has the ability to pull more than many expect.

2019 Toyota Sienna: Horsepower & Torque

Overall the Sienna has gone through a few different refreshes and since its release in 2011 and is a stylish vehicle. Being an older minivan on the market, the refreshes to its style, among other things, have kept people interested in the vehicle. There is seating for up to eight people and many other benefits to owning this minivan, but the focus for this article is on whether or not this is a fantastic choice in terms of vehicles for towing. With a 3.5 L V-6 engine, the horsepower of the 2019 Toyota Sienna is 296. This 296 hp can provide 263 pounds per foot of torque. The power goes to the front wheels through its automatic transmission.

With an eight-speed automatic transmission, the Sienna allows for good control and also has a cargo capacity of 150 ft.³. Some of these statistics are affected by whether or not the Towing Prep Package is purchased, which gives the minivan a potential of pulling at up to 3,500 pounds depending on this variable as well as other decisions in the process.

In addition to having 150 feet of cargo capacity, the Sienna also has third-row seats that feature split-folding and allow for a cargo area with a flat floor. This can be beneficial in many situations and gives another option in terms of cargo storage while traveling from one place to the next. The vehicle also comes with many other features, providing it with wide price range availability and a customizability that many vehicle owners are happy about.

What Is The Towing & Payload Capacity Of The 2019 Toyota Sienna?

The towing capacity for a 2019 Toyota Sienna is 3,500 pounds when it is equipped with the Towing Prep Package. The towing capacity for Toyota Sienna’s without the Towing Prep Package is lower. Do not mix these stats up, and make sure to have a towing capacity that suits your needs before towing anything.

Fuel Efficiency Of The 2019 Toyota Sienna

The 2019 Sienna has a fuel efficiency rating that is comparable to many other minivans in a similar class. The minivan is excellent as a family vehicle and has numerous features to help drivers avoid crashes. These features include things like a reversing camera and the Toyota Safety Sense P. Even with these amazing features, the costs to operate the vehicle must take fuel efficiency into consideration. The 2019 Sienna has a fuel efficiency rating of 19 miles per gallon in the city and 27 miles per gallon on the highway. Combined this turns out to be a 22 miles per gallon overall listed. This mileage is for the front-wheel-drive setup, with an all-wheel-drive reading that is different for the vehicle.

The all-wheel-drive 2019 Toyota Sienna is rated at 18 miles per gallon in the city, 24 miles per gallon on the highway, and 22 miles per gallon combined. These numbers are before adding any trailers, before adding any heavy cargo, and without the Tow Prep Package. Check with your automobile dealer for more information on the various options available.

2019 Toyota Sienna Trim Availability

Another feature of the 2019 Toyota Sienna is the number of trims that are available on the vehicle. There are numerous trims that are available, including L, LE, SE, XLE, Limited, and Limited Premium. For people who choose to purchase the L trim, it includes a 17-inch alloy wheels as well as an LCD screen, automatic climate control, and is the baseline model for the 2019 Sienna from Toyota.

The LE trim option adds mirrors that are body-colored, door handles that are body covered, power sliding doors, easy-clean fabric, and other features as well. Each trim upgrade offers more benefits, providing different things for different people. The SE trim line, for example, has a sportier design, including a honeycomb grill, sport side skirts, and more.

Final Notes

If you are looking for a minivan that can also be sufficient for towing things around, the 2019 Toyota Sienna is a choice to consider. It is a family vehicle that also brings fantastic features, notable safety technology, and has been around long enough that the company has added many things people love over the years. A minivan that also offers AWD is excellent, making a 2019 Sienna by Toyota is a solid choice.

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